William Xerra (Florence, 1937) is one of the most important artists in the panorama of Italian contemporary art. A personal exhibition, “Enigmi di volti assenti”, presents a series of works in which the protagonists are profiles of faces, silhouettes drawn or more often cut in papers of various natures and functions (maps , music papers), which overlap, look at each other or oppose each other, but who are always sign of mystery, of an impossible, absent dialogue. […]

From his beginnings as a painter in the 1960’s, in the name of the poetic of the informal, William Xerra began to explore the territories of the most varied artistic experiences, with some constants coming back, such as the persistent attachment to the outline and color, the adoption of writing (the artist has always been linked to poets and writers, including some of the ‘63 Group, he was visual poetry events, and some of the books and catalogs of his exhibitions were conceived by him as a book-object, limited edition) and the salvage of images of the most varied cultural productions.

Sandro Parmiggiani