I will define my research as the quest for im-possible sounds tinged with burlesque and of which I am the main protagonist. Rehearsals and changes are at the heart of my approach. I play by thwarting the material used to create the music and broadcast it.

The sound material is the result of interactions with gestures and movements of the body in space thanks to the complicity of appropriate technologies. The work thus produced is presented in the form of installations, performances, videos in a variety of media depending on the constraints of the places and themes.

My pieces develop contradictions such as absence / presence, movement / immobility, speed / slowness, sound / silence and thus activate fields of experimentation between space and sound, waiting and action, exhaustion. This sonorous and visual corpus accumulated throughout the years provides a material in “work in progress” with which I create new compositions. Currently, my work takes into account the notions of indeterminate and random that I develop on several axes with themes that take into account everyday, transport, gesture and memory, sound gesture.

Sound is undoubtedly linked to spatiality and its constraints, hence my design of devices that play with acoustic parameters and by extension allow connections via multiple broadcasting networks in different and remote places. I design interactive works in networks that are somehow the extension of my studio. The continuous connection governs the sound and visual flows that I control according to pre-established protocols.

The principles of notations and scores (written, oral, gestural, filmed) are an integral part of my approach. The partitions are coded according to a grammar of signs equivalent to notes. In fact, they offer me the opportunity to improvise during performances in order to offer a broad spectrum of interpretations.

Bernard Pourrière