Susana Dobal is a photographer and professor at the University of Brasilia. She has a Masters in Photography (International Center of Photography and New York University), a PhD in Art History (CUNY / Graduate Center). She has exhibited in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, New York, Madrid, Buenos Aires and Nice.

The artist, through her work as a photographer, presents not only the report of her travels but an enlargement of the vision of the space observed. The insertion of texts in the images makes it possible to understand this process more precisely. Their writing adds to the capture of the image, the artist’s perspective which avoids a possible ambiguity of interpretation that the photo could give.

The result of this analysis is a matter of mixing text and image, in which there is not only observation but also an interaction going beyond photography, where there is the insertion of cultural references, customs, requiring a little more from the viewer for a better interpretation.