Øyvind Hjelmen’s photographs immediately create an intimacy, a poetry that appeals to memory. Aion praises the time of the action of the bodies, the unidentifiable, undetectable “pure moment”and Chronos, the time ideal immanently present at the time of the bodies (Gilles Deleuze) … These are moments of life beautifully shot in silver. Their contemplation arouses emotion, the dream. We penetrate the imagination of the artist, to the depths of his intimacy, in a fragile universe where in determination and surprise are not absent.

There is a random form in this series where the intense silence, the lighting and the blur, – skillfully used -, dominate.

The link between each image seems ultimately obvious, creating a certain disturbance in the viewer. At the same time, everyone can find themselves in these slices of life that seem so familiar.

Øyvind Hjelmen exhibited in Paris during Month of Photography at the Hotel Scribe, and has exhibited in several Parisian galleries as well as during the Rencontres d’Arles.