Martin Miguel was born in 1947 in Nice. At the age of twenty when he finishes art school, the environment surrounding him is made of the Nouveaux Réalistes and Fluxus. He is particu- larly sensitive to the work of Yves Klein. The question of the moment, with, in particular, Simon Hantaï and the BMPT Group, is to reconsider painting and its components and to develop a new meaning to it.

Martin Miguel joined forces with Isnard, Chacallis, Charvolen and Maccaferri to form the Group70 (created in early 1970) in parallel with the Support-Surface group. This work, which has questioned from the beginning the relation between plastic space and physical space, has been particularly concrete since 1986 by the simultaneous use of concrete and color; He systematically digs the question between painting and wall.