Artist with a unusual career, she completes her installations with large format photographies on the same problematic.

A « mysterious black energy » which for the moment we know nothing about and we can’t say nothing more than.. it exists. Without extrapolating, we can notice that when we observe the universe it is not the reality, but our perception of reality. We must interrogate ourselves on what creates the perception. Yet, in a same mouvement, it seems that there is also the question of a « cognitive science revolution ». Our perception of a tridimensional universe could just be an « extraordinary illusion » because it is only a construction of our brain from a two dimensional image formed on the retina.. The rules of perspective give us more information on our visual device and its features than on reality. The physiology of perception and psychology are one thing but they can’t be enough to conclude on the ultime nature of reality. Indefinitely, in all directions, in a last analyse what we can observe is « ourselves », our mind, our capacity to elaborate concepts and produce hypothesis. The observer is observed. We can also add to that an astonishing proliferation of communication means and images and there we are : all the conditions are reunited for reality to rip itself. Potently, any of us can communicate with the whole planet. Any of us can create, file, have access to billion of date, information, images and sounds.. Facing such a cacophony, each of us must determinate what makes sens. And what kind of connections he wishes to establish with the others. Each of us, and not only the artists, creates their own world. It has always been like that. We have only understood and acknowledged it now. What solution remains when we understand that the world is not « real » but we are the world ?

Starting by inventing ourself, then trying to establish new connexions. Maybe. The easiest way to make this notions more accessible is the creation of a cube in which the six interior sides are a mirror. One of the sides is a quarter circle. That way the cube is always « open ». Entering in the cube and trying the experience. It could be an inaugural act..