Florence Henri is considered as an artist which, at her time, has re evaluated the arts of photography. In 1928, in Dessau, she frequents the Bauhaus with Paul Klee and Moholy-Nagy.
Her production register in Gropius School’s issue which put picture at the same level as painting and the other influential forms of creativity. This school put indeed photographic means as primitive element of creativity.
Florence Henri has known use the camera with a high skill, this prodigious instrument allowing of strike a new reality dimension.
She has spotted, bearing to light material and luminescent characteristics which qualify visual research of her time. She explore possibilities of communication offer by photography and discover news opportunities that she catch on an expressive mode, like when she fixed her image reflected by a mirror. The utilisation of mirrors make, thanks to continual change of perspectives, decomposed object’s forms, floating harmoniously in rarefied spaces.
Back in Paris, she open her studio and become acknowledged as a great portrait-painter. All at once, she realises photograph assemblage and abstract compositions with geometrical object, like beams, sticks, billiard-balls, by creating illusory images in 3 dimensions.<
Florence Henri invent a new way of employing camera which take into account of plans and geometrical forms crushing. She likes extract object of their original concept and sometimes add to it foreign elements. On top of that, she uses form’s decomposition, photograph assemblage, fusion of inside and outside perspectives, by re evaluating the most rudimentary tools. With her, the approach of the object to picked up is extremely present.
The utilisation of mirrors make, thanks to elementary changes of plans, spaces where decomposed forms re-get organize in a new vision of reality that today we can called “virtual”.
Florence Henri has known testify of an epoch’s cultural climate. Thanks to her singular camera’s master ship, she has found innovator languages of a modern world in permanent evolution.